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The last thing you will ever remember is closing your eyes. When you open them, you will find yourself in a new world.

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Andrew Matta

Andrew Matta

I had been trying some of the mantras and concentration practices for a little while when one night I actually woke up in a dream. I had never experienced anything like it before. I found myself in a garden behind a large house. I stood there for a bit just trying to get my bearings but the amazing thing was that I knew I was in the Astral. I took a gentle little jump and flew up over the roof of the house and down the street.

John Smith

John Smith

For a long time I listened to music of an aggressive nature. Once I became bored or dissatisfied with one type of music, I felt the compulsion to find more extreme and aggressive music in order to satisfy my egos of pride, anger, etc. At the time this felt normal because I was associating with like-minded people, but when I heard some of the works of Beethoven for the first time, it made me realise that there was something far superior to such aggressive and compulsive music.

Latest News

Why Death Is Not The End Of Life

Death means the separation of the soul from the physical body. Death becomes a starting point of life and a better life. It opens the door of the high form of life. It is the only gateway of whole life. Birth and death are delusional. Dying begins as soon as birth, and as soon as death dies, life begins. Birth and death is the gateway to enter and out on this world stage. In fact, no one comes and no one goes. Only Brahma and Anant exist. Just as you go from house to house, the soul enters from one body to the other to get experience. Just as a person wears old clothes and wears new clothes, the same spirit leaves the old body and holds a new body. Death is not the end of life. Life is a never-ending process. It keeps on moving continuously. Death is an urgent event that has to be done to develop every soul in the future. A discerning and intelligent person is never afraid of death.

Every soul is a cycle.
The perimeter of this circle is not ending anywhere but its center is our body. Then why should you be afraid of death? Divine or supreme soul is mortal, timeless, unfounded and infinite. It is a center for body, mind and whole world. Death only gets to the physical body, which is made up of five elements. How can death kill the eternal soul, which is beyond time, place and action? If you want liberation from the cycle of birth and death then you have to be bodiless. Body is the result of our actions. You should do any work without expecting a reward. If you free yourself from anger or likes and dislikes, you will also free yourself from karma. You can only eliminate the ego and rid yourself of the ‘anger’ and ‘malice’. When ignorance can end the ignorance, then you can also destroy the ego. That is why the root cause of this body is ignorance. Whoever realized the immortal soul which is beyond all sound, sight, taste, and touch, which is formless and nirguna, which is beyond prakruti (nature), which is beyond three bodies and five elements, which is infinite and irreversible, He liberated himself from death.

The organism or individual soul holds many bodies to display their actions and to gain experience. He enters the body, and then when the body is not worth living, then he abandons it. He again builds a new body and repeats the same process again. This process is called transmigration. Whose new body is called the birth of the soul in the new body? The separation of the soul from the body is called death. If there is no soul in the body then that body is a dead body and it is called natural death. Natural death for monocular organisms is unknown. When such organisms get life on earth then their death is unknown. This phenomenon occurs only with multicellular organisms. Research of laboratories has shown that even after the end of one’s life, its limbs can work. Even after death, white blood cells survive in the body for several months. Death is not the end of life. This is just the end of an important personality. Life goes on to win over the world. It continues till it gets dissolved in infinity.

Miracle Actually Happens!

Miracles really happen? Many questions continue to run in our minds in this way, but we do not get anyone who can answer these questions, one of those kinds of questions is that really miracles?
Yes, the miracles do happen, sometimes there are many such miracles around us that we ignore. Like a small child grows up slowly and learns to walk, learn to fall, learn to rise again and learn to walk again. Is it not a miracle?

A successful businessman starts his business gradually and enhances his business suddenly his business stops, he gradually becomes a beggar from a king, then the same person works once again and becomes a better and successful businessman. Is not this a miracle?
An old man who is always unhealthy, doctors have said that his life can end any time, the old man gets depressed, but he starts his treatment, and he gets cured and once again his life starts with joy. Is not this a miracle?

This is a miracle! And this is a miracle because no one has given up, neither is it from his injury nor his own loss, nor his illness. And this is a real miracle.
Such situations occur many times in our life. At that time we have two paths. The first way is that we are forced by the circumstances and accept the defeat. After which we will never be able to be happy anytime, we will never be able to face ourselves. We will never understand life and 1 day will come that we will forget the way to smile.
The other way is that we should not give up and we should not accept the defeat by the situations and the circumstances. Instead of all this we should defeat the circumstances and gain victory over life and its problems.

And this is not a very difficult task. It is very easy to work. We should not just lose hope. We should believe in God and always think about positive aspects.
This is because accepting defeat is not a solution to any problem, but to solve that problem is a proper solution and this is a real miracle. In simple words, accepting all ups and downs of living happily and never giving up to these all situations is the real miracle.

Always remember that we are the one who does all these miracles! Just because we don’t give up and even we should never give up. So, never give up and keep doing miracles.

Why I Didn’t Warn Someone about My Prediction

I met some people felt guilty that they had a negative prediction come true. They feel that they were able to stop the bad thing if they had shared that feeling to someone. Here I will share some of the incidents.

I know someone who did a prediction a long time before 9/11 happened. But he never told it to anyone because if he did that, then nobody would believe on him; instead, police might have caught him in first place for planning terrorist activities. There is the danger that you could be blamed for being involved Most people you tell a prediction won’t believe you, especially if it’s a large scale prediction, like 9/11. Even if you told authorities, they too are likely to dismiss it. It’s only for those who established good credibility in the psychic field to get any kind of positive reaction and follow up.

A recent incident took place wherein a psychic show I watched a woman who told the authorities that she could see the body of a missing woman in the hills behind her town. Initially, everyone ignored her so she went to find it herself, succeeded, and she let them know where it was. After this, she got arrested and put in jail and treated as the prime murderer suspect. She was treated very badly in jail and later she was released. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the established reputation which was required for these kinds of weird predictions.

Another aspect of these unfortunate dreams and visions is that they often don’t come true. Starting from a dream or a vision and then turns into a “prediction” after an event confirms it as accurate. They hear some sorts of warning bells that we dreamt of, some ill-fated events the night before, but don’t come true every time. If we do early prediction then we lose our credibility for the ones that might hurt us. We can cause a lot of stress to the very person we think we are going to help. So the big question comes whether we share that information or not? But what I think about it is, better go ahead and share it. As a caring gesture that you want them to be careful and always give them a solution to fix it.

Interpretation of a dream can lead you into multiple directions where you have to decide which way you want to go, better look for the symbols in your vision. The subconscious mind links each event or people in multiple ways. Sometimes it’s symbolic and sometimes it’s not descriptive, that is why you cannot decipher every message on which you or any other can rely on. Sometimes it’s very accurate sometimes it’s totally wrong. Once I had a dream in which I saw that my mother shot herself in the head when I wake up then first I called my mother and told her about my dream. Well, the reply what I heard from her was very horrible, she told me that she was thinking about doing it as she is facing some medical problems from a long time. Many years passed since that dream but I still believe that if you look at those symbols, you have to read them thoroughly. Then it will be much accurate and you will not hesitate to share the predictions to anyone.

The way to Get Connected with Your Loved Ones in Heaven

Communicating your loved ones in heaven is much easy than you think. You just need to focus and feel their presence around you. They are always with you like air and light at every step of your life. Life never ends after death. You can say that it’s a new journey which starts after death. When you speak to your loved ones, either literally or in thoughts they can hear you. Never forget that the conversation between you and your loved ones doesn’t starts  with psychic medium it starts with your believe and love for them.

The more you feel their presence around you, the more you’ll get connected with your loved ones. This might be possible that they’ve started sending their messages to you and you just need to understand what they’re trying to say. The only way to understand their messages is to believe in spirituality and focus. They can send you their messages through your thoughts, dreams or songs. They just hope that you’ll notice their signs and know that they’re trying to contact you and trying to tell you something.

If you have not getting these signs yet then it may be possible that they didn’t started sending you their messages and in that case you need to ask them out to send you their messages and contact you. Eventually, if you’ll believe in spirituality and life after death then they’ll come to you and try to communicate with you in different ways. Just crack those signs. Spirituality will help you a lot in this. You just need to believe.

Paralysis dreams

Our dreams say a lot about us. Having the power to analyse your dreams and working on it can help you grow in your life.
People often feel paralysed while sleeping , this is because of the hardships and obstacles they are facing in waking life. While sleeping, people feel that something is holding them, they are not able to move their body, and feel scared. In adults, paralysis in dreams signifies the troubling acquaintances one experienced while growing up. The situations that one feels while in dreams, refer to an opportunity to work and improve. If one analyses it once and works on it, they experience a change with positivity in his life. You will find a lot of information about the subject on rebeccaspardig.com

How often do you lose my temper?

Lately very often. Like everyday, now and then.

There was a guy messaging a girl and asking her how she feels about the attention she gets when she puts on her dp and removes it. She somehow took the conversation as, though women deserve that kind of attention here and justified it. he couldn’t bear such sexist conversation. He wanted to hit her, such stupidity. He told her the same. Later, He apologised for getting triggered so easily. He know he can’t change it alone and the feeling of being helpless makes him lose his temper.

People see kids playing in the street. They accidentally throw their plastic cricket ball on others. Very small kids. They come apologising and asking for the ball. People give it to them and move away thinking they’re so small and shouldn’t get bullied by others. They get reminded of their childhood when they got scared seeing bullies. They felt helpless. Now they want to give it back to them. But time and distance won’t let them. They feel bad for thinking this way. They feel helpless and lose their temper.

Kids lose their temper when their parents won’t stop criticising. Sometimes there is hypocrisy. They teach them etiquette and how to talk to others. But they make them feel humiliated taking over advantage of them. They feel helpless. They lose their temper and shout back.

A common man’s son sees middlemen and govt officers whom his father and clients deal with. Its the most annoying thing on this planet. Money laundering people.He loses his temper because he feels helpless.

A lonely boy has nobody around to even talk or listen to. He has to search every time for people. He feels helpless and loses his temper.

These happen on a daily basis. Because these are there every day around. It’s not about losing temper, its natural. But, its about conquering what triggers it. people struggle everyday to conquer the fear of being helpless. They are afraid because they don’t know if their efforts are going in the right direction.Keeping the good work and efforts in progress is what is required. This feeling of helplessness becomes a major reason to lose temper. One day, I hope, if people continue to keep their efforts up, they’ll equip themselves and won’t need any help.

Hence, everyone loses temper very often , so do i, but i look forward to keeping calm and take something productive out of the situation. Interested in temper control or spiritual matters in general? Check violamedium.se

What do today’s youngsters feel about spiritual living?

Spirituality is one of the few controversial topics that the whole world has always been debating on. This is the reason as to why it makes us feel a little curious to analyse what makes spirituality as one of the most-debated topics of all time. One simple reason is that all of us have our own definitions with regard to spirituality. While one might choose to call it as an expressive one, others might choose to call it a nature that is hidden. There are many other varying differences, and that is youngsters sometimes get annoyed with the whole concept of spiritual living.

People that spirituality is some fashion:
Today with the all the spirituality enthusiast talking about it all the time some people have developed some kind of grudge against the spiritual living. People feel that they try to advertise themselves with something that doesn’t exist. That is why they began calling it fashion. If only people had the ability to express their feelings the right way, spirituality would be an easy thing to understand.

Misusing spiritual as a tool to gain attention:
We still have a lot of people who cheat in the name of religion and spirituality. They take advantage of people innocence and exploit them. This is one of the major reasons as to why youngsters have a very wrong and insecure opinion about spiritual houses and people who are into them. If people can rightly differentiate the ones that are fake and the ones that are true then it can bring the truth to light and from then on people would become aware.

The term ‘renouncing’ sounds difficult:
One of the important features of in-depth devotion and spirituality is detaching oneself from the earthly desires and renouncing anything that would add fun to life. Spiritual people lead a life that is very much difficult than what we think that is why the concept of spirituality looks a little boring and tough to practice. But youngsters have to understand that renouncing need not have to be a part of every spiritual living, and they can choose to do the way they want it to be.

If only we knew how beneficial spiritual living is:
Most of us do not know how beneficial spirituality can be. The youngsters especially haven’t gotten a grip on it, and that is the reason as to why they feel a little wary of spiritual living. Spiritual living can reform your life and can resolve a lot of physical and mental issue. It can relieve you from your stress and can keep you in peace. After entering into spiritual life, people are less concerned about what this worldly life gives them.

Role of Spirituality in Healthcare

Spirituality is a feeling that is beyond religion. That is why we are endorsing spirituality in a lot of places where there are problems. Be it a physical health problem or a problem that has to something with your mental wellbeing in either case spirituality has a role to play. So here we are going to see the role of spirituality in healthcare. With no further delay let us get to the discussion.

What do we mean by spirituality in health care?
In a world that has advanced medicine and technology, it sounds a little weird and irrelevant to link spirituality with medication and health care. But the truth, in most of the cases, is that we you are internally broken, all you need is hope and faith that things will change. It is the same willpower that keeps things going when a person has some health condition as well.
Though we have witnessed a lot of advanced medication and therapy, we still rely on a supreme power that helps us get over the fear and encounter the disease with a lot of bravery. That is why we are linking spirituality with healthcare. Spirituality can highly influence the mental state of a person. You might mentally feel upset, but when you offer them to God, you will feel a little relieved and the problems eventually dissolve. This is the same type of healing that spirituality can give to any patient.

How is that a common influence?
Yes, for sure it will have a common influence on all. In most of the cases, sometimes it can simply be this spiritual healing that a person might require and doctors offer them a lot, and still, they feel the discontentment in your hearts and heads. This will automatically cause frustration and will kill the mental and physical well-being of the person. That is why we say that with a small belief we can help people turnaround from what they are going through.

Will it have a positive impact?
Yes, it will have a positive impact for sure. This is one of the doubts that most people have. How can improved spiritual living improve my health? You wouldn’t believe us if we said, yes it did. Like we already stated in some of the cases it can be just this spiritual counselling that can have a very positive impact. On the other hand, it is also important to note that spirituality can influence your mental state and a positive influence on your mental state will transfer the same effect to the person’s physical condition as well. These are some of the important details that you have to know about spiritual healing and how that can have an impact on your health and medical care.

5 Important Tips To Lead A Better Spiritual Living!

It is not easy to diverge yourself into a better spiritual living. You will have to detach yourself from a lot of earthly connections and get into the divine world. But all of us wish we could make a better spiritual out of the life that we are already leading. So here are some of the tips, you have to follow in order to lead a better spiritual living.

Get a proper guide:
The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you get a proper guide. Leading a spiritual life is not as easy as you think there are a lot of things that might stand as an obstacle in your path. That will prevent you from reaching your spiritual goal. That is the reason why you need a lot of motivation to carry on in your path and to cross all the hurdles. So select a guide who can inspire you and who can act as your role model.

Follow different therapies:
You probably wish to get a little more spiritual just because you wish you could remove the stress factor from your life. However, there can be issues in that if you are stressed too much in the first place. On the other hand, you cannot focus on horning your spiritual skills if you are stressed. So to avoid this, you can practice a lot of stress therapies such as colour therapy, water therapy and air therapy and much more.

Have a pleasant surrounding:
All have us have a space to evolve, and that place has to be clean. If you are way too occupied and find it hard to have a good environment, then it can affect your internal wellbeing as well. That is why you have to keep your place clean and pleasing your eyes. Any place that is pleasing to your eyes will be pleasing to heart too. Grow a lot of plants and keep the surrounding green. Allow fresh air to penetrate through and fill the space with light.

Observe yourself a bit more than usual:
You will have to focus on yourself a little more than what you have been doing before. This was you can analyse yourself better and rectify if there are any mistakes. This can also include things that you do repetitively, thoughts that come to your mind, again and again, dreams that you have, and strangers you encounter. All these can have a spiritual connection too. Focus on all the smallest details. But remember, there is always a difference between being self-centered and looking inward. We suggest the latter.

Learn to love and forgive:
Forgiving is the greatest of all deeds. You are expected to maintain a cordial relationship with everybody, and you are supposed to love all and forgive someone against whom you have had a long-term grudge. This way you can think clearly, and you are also relieved of your stress. So make sure that you learn the values of forgiveness and love.

Modern Thoughts That We Must Appreciate About Spirituality

A lot of subjective concepts have evolved over a period and so did spirituality. The present generation is finding it hard to cope with the age-old concepts of spirituality. So these concepts gradually changed and the modern thoughts came into existence. Though the age-old rules aren’t as tough as we feel, the modern definitions aren’t bad as well. All of us have our own definitions of spirituality, and no two definitions are similar. So here are some of the widely accepted modern concepts of spirituality.

Technology helps!
Yes, this technology is a whole new beast, a good one though, that has its power exerted so much so on everything that it even connects spirituality. Today most of the spiritual things that we learn are with the help of technology. Of course, we might know our own religious doctrines, but today, unlike the people of the yesteryears we have updated ourselves about every other religion that on earth, at least the major ones. Thanks to what technology has done.

Surprisingly we are free!
Almost all of us have the rights to practice the religion that we want, and that is one of the appreciable that has happened in the religion. Though I wouldn’t say that we have gotten over all the crimes that happen in the name of religion are over, but at the same time, it is true that people have gotten the maturity to live and let others live the way they want. There is no patriarchy, and we are democratic.


You can be the person you want to be. The list is long
By this we are trying to say that along with freedom, our religions also allow us to be free of our native religion and get converted into the religion that we like. Religion is not anymore a compulsion it has become a choice that people can choose to follow or not to. It all depends on the person’s personal beliefs. In case if I have to talk about the list of opportunities that people have and from which they can make a choice then

Forgetting what organised religion is
People consume what they love to consume. They aren’t children to spoon-feed stuff and make them hate the whole idea of religion. Though every religion wishes to have true followers, religious leaders are also willing to compromise to the maximum possible extent these days. This, in fact, is great travel from where we were and where we are now. Dogma does exist but the organised religion doesn’t have to come in-between humanity.

People have chosen humanism over theism:
People have finally come to terms with the fact that they will have to keep their religion to themselves and that they need not have to push that on others. This is clearly evident by how people raise their opinion against prosecution in the name of religion and the evils that happen in the name of caste, colour and creed differences. People believe that there is one true religion and that is humanity!

Easy Ways You Can Identify A Spiritual Person!

Most of the people do not seem to get hold of what spirituality truly means. People have their own definitions as to what something means in spiritual context. On the top of it, spirituality is a relative term it had fixed answers in a given scenario but the scenarios can be quite dynamic, and they can change from time to time. In these modern times, it has become truly difficult to identify a person who is spiritual. After quite a tedious survey we have come down to a conclusion that these are some of the characteristics that can help us spot a truly spiritual person. So with further delay let us get to the list.

A spiritual person is always focused on his life and is never interested to know what is happening in his neighbours’ house unless if need call or if it is business. This doesn’t mean that the person is self-centred. It simply means that the person has a lot to do with his own life and is least bothered of the worldly affairs. Also, a spiritual person feels that looking inward will help him become a better person.

Wise yet grounded:
A spiritual person, in most case, will be wise. Here you have to understand what we call wise. Wisdom doesn’t come from the school education. So a person can be completely illiterate and can still be wise. Education gives you knowledge, but it is the spirituality that fills you with wisdom. That is why most spiritual people are wise, and yet they are subtle and down-to-earth.

An introvert in most cases:
A spiritual person is an introvert. This is because the person is filled his own thoughts and is focussed on larger goals and perfecting his life to set a better example and thereby he never gets time to socialise and never moves into crowds. They love places that can help them get some time to be a loner. This is one of the most defining characters of a spiritual person.

Kind-hearted and broad-minded:
A spiritual person maybe someone who doesn’t socialise but that doesn’t mean that the person is inhuman or self-obsessed. Most people of this type are respected for their kind nature and the broad nature of their thoughts. They think about the well-being of the world as a whole and seem unaffected by personal well-being as they are less concerned about it.

Detached from the worldly affairs. This is the advanced stage of spirituality and when people have completely devoted their lives for a spiritual purpose that is when they detach themselves completely from the worldly affairs and get into things that give them spiritual satisfaction. They get over stereotyped desires and live a life that is holy. Further, they do not evince interest on materialistic possession and withdraw themselves from mundane activities.

Being Spiritual vs. Being Religious: What’s The Difference?

Let us put the point across bluntly. If you have been thinking all your life that spirituality and religion are the same things with different words to express the same, then we are sorry you are wrong. Though it is very much true that spirituality and religion are similar to an extent and we sometimes even use them interchangeably, there are good numbers of differences that distinguish the two. So here we will look at some of the points that clearly help us understand the difference.

Spirituality is a broad concept:
Out of the two things that we are debating about today the broader concept is spirituality and not religion. Spirituality is a feeling that you have beyond the point of religion. This concept is often associated with an elevated status that the spiritual people get to enjoy when they untie themselves from the clichéd earthy beliefs and desires. They go a step further, and some people even believe that humanism can be the true form of spirituality. They are forward thinkers and are unaffected by a lot of things that people otherwise would worry about. They consider religion only as stuff that backs their belief in some way.

world religions - major religions group

So what is a religion?
Religion is a doctrine that you choose to follow. All religions have religious leaders both in the human race and divine race. Religion came into existence only to make sure that people live an orderly life. Of course, we are not here to debate the truth factor of the religions that we practice across the globe. Since that would draw in conflicts. But it is nothing more than the doctrine that we believe is true. Also, religions cannot be universal. For instance, one cannot pick a religion and call it the internationally accepted religion. But the case is different when it comes to spirituality as it is universal.

Not all spiritual people are religious and vice-versa!
We have already seen enough to help you understand that religion and spiritual feelings are different. This concept is an extended version of the same. People have to understand that not all spiritual people are religious. That is they need not have to spiritually based on the religion that they follow. That is why we say that they are different. Also just because a person is spiritual that doesn’t mean that the person has to religious. Like we already stated, spirituality is closely associated with humanism. So when humanism is on, religious feelings hardly penetrate. No matter what type of person you are, there is nothing today if it is good or bad. It is simply the type of life that you wish to lead and that has nothing to do with what type of a person you are!a

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