I met some people felt guilty that they had a negative prediction come true. They feel that they were able to stop the bad thing if they had shared that feeling to someone. Here I will share some of the incidents.

I know someone who did a prediction a long time before 9/11 happened. But he never told it to anyone because if he did that, then nobody would believe on him; instead, police might have caught him in first place for planning terrorist activities. There is the danger that you could be blamed for being involved Most people you tell a prediction won’t believe you, especially if it’s a large scale prediction, like 9/11. Even if you told authorities, they too are likely to dismiss it. It’s only for those who established good credibility in the psychic field to get any kind of positive reaction and follow up.

A recent incident took place wherein a psychic show I watched a woman who told the authorities that she could see the body of a missing woman in the hills behind her town. Initially, everyone ignored her so she went to find it herself, succeeded, and she let them know where it was. After this, she got arrested and put in jail and treated as the prime murderer suspect. She was treated very badly in jail and later she was released. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the established reputation which was required for these kinds of weird predictions.

Another aspect of these unfortunate dreams and visions is that they often don’t come true. Starting from a dream or a vision and then turns into a “prediction” after an event confirms it as accurate. They hear some sorts of warning bells that we dreamt of, some ill-fated events the night before, but don’t come true every time. If we do early prediction then we lose our credibility for the ones that might hurt us. We can cause a lot of stress to the very person we think we are going to help. So the big question comes whether we share that information or not? But what I think about it is, better go ahead and share it. As a caring gesture that you want them to be careful and always give them a solution to fix it.

Interpretation of a dream can lead you into multiple directions where you have to decide which way you want to go, better look for the symbols in your vision. The subconscious mind links each event or people in multiple ways. Sometimes it’s symbolic and sometimes it’s not descriptive, that is why you cannot decipher every message on which you or any other can rely on. Sometimes it’s very accurate sometimes it’s totally wrong. Once I had a dream in which I saw that my mother shot herself in the head when I wake up then first I called my mother and told her about my dream. Well, the reply what I heard from her was very horrible, she told me that she was thinking about doing it as she is facing some medical problems from a long time. Many years passed since that dream but I still believe that if you look at those symbols, you have to read them thoroughly. Then it will be much accurate and you will not hesitate to share the predictions to anyone.