Miracles really happen? Many questions continue to run in our minds in this way, but we do not get anyone who can answer these questions, one of those kinds of questions is that really miracles?
Yes, the miracles do happen, sometimes there are many such miracles around us that we ignore. Like a small child grows up slowly and learns to walk, learn to fall, learn to rise again and learn to walk again. Is it not a miracle?

A successful businessman starts his business gradually and enhances his business suddenly his business stops, he gradually becomes a beggar from a king, then the same person works once again and becomes a better and successful businessman. Is not this a miracle?
An old man who is always unhealthy, doctors have said that his life can end any time, the old man gets depressed, but he starts his treatment, and he gets cured and once again his life starts with joy. Is not this a miracle?

This is a miracle! And this is a miracle because no one has given up, neither is it from his injury nor his own loss, nor his illness. And this is a real miracle.
Such situations occur many times in our life. At that time we have two paths. The first way is that we are forced by the circumstances and accept the defeat. After which we will never be able to be happy anytime, we will never be able to face ourselves. We will never understand life and 1 day will come that we will forget the way to smile.
The other way is that we should not give up and we should not accept the defeat by the situations and the circumstances. Instead of all this we should defeat the circumstances and gain victory over life and its problems.

And this is not a very difficult task. It is very easy to work. We should not just lose hope. We should believe in God and always think about positive aspects.
This is because accepting defeat is not a solution to any problem, but to solve that problem is a proper solution and this is a real miracle. In simple words, accepting all ups and downs of living happily and never giving up to these all situations is the real miracle.

Always remember that we are the one who does all these miracles! Just because we don’t give up and even we should never give up. So, never give up and keep doing miracles.