A lot of subjective concepts have evolved over a period and so did spirituality. The present generation is finding it hard to cope with the age-old concepts of spirituality. So these concepts gradually changed and the modern thoughts came into existence. Though the age-old rules aren’t as tough as we feel, the modern definitions aren’t bad as well. All of us have our own definitions of spirituality, and no two definitions are similar. So here are some of the widely accepted modern concepts of spirituality.

Technology helps!
Yes, this technology is a whole new beast, a good one though, that has its power exerted so much so on everything that it even connects spirituality. Today most of the spiritual things that we learn are with the help of technology. Of course, we might know our own religious doctrines, but today, unlike the people of the yesteryears we have updated ourselves about every other religion that on earth, at least the major ones. Thanks to what technology has done.

Surprisingly we are free!
Almost all of us have the rights to practice the religion that we want, and that is one of the appreciable that has happened in the religion. Though I wouldn’t say that we have gotten over all the crimes that happen in the name of religion are over, but at the same time, it is true that people have gotten the maturity to live and let others live the way they want. There is no patriarchy, and we are democratic.


You can be the person you want to be. The list is long
By this we are trying to say that along with freedom, our religions also allow us to be free of our native religion and get converted into the religion that we like. Religion is not anymore a compulsion it has become a choice that people can choose to follow or not to. It all depends on the person’s personal beliefs. In case if I have to talk about the list of opportunities that people have and from which they can make a choice then

Forgetting what organised religion is
People consume what they love to consume. They aren’t children to spoon-feed stuff and make them hate the whole idea of religion. Though every religion wishes to have true followers, religious leaders are also willing to compromise to the maximum possible extent these days. This, in fact, is great travel from where we were and where we are now. Dogma does exist but the organised religion doesn’t have to come in-between humanity.

People have chosen humanism over theism:
People have finally come to terms with the fact that they will have to keep their religion to themselves and that they need not have to push that on others. This is clearly evident by how people raise their opinion against prosecution in the name of religion and the evils that happen in the name of caste, colour and creed differences. People believe that there is one true religion and that is humanity!