Lately very often. Like everyday, now and then.

There was a guy messaging a girl and asking her how she feels about the attention she gets when she puts on her dp and removes it. She somehow took the conversation as, though women deserve that kind of attention here and justified it. he couldn’t bear such sexist conversation. He wanted to hit her, such stupidity. He told her the same. Later, He apologised for getting triggered so easily. He know he can’t change it alone and the feeling of being helpless makes him lose his temper.

People see kids playing in the street. They accidentally throw their plastic cricket ball on others. Very small kids. They come apologising and asking for the ball. People give it to them and move away thinking they’re so small and shouldn’t get bullied by others. They get reminded of their childhood when they got scared seeing bullies. They felt helpless. Now they want to give it back to them. But time and distance won’t let them. They feel bad for thinking this way. They feel helpless and lose their temper.

Kids lose their temper when their parents won’t stop criticising. Sometimes there is hypocrisy. They teach them etiquette and how to talk to others. But they make them feel humiliated taking over advantage of them. They feel helpless. They lose their temper and shout back.

A common man’s son sees middlemen and govt officers whom his father and clients deal with. Its the most annoying thing on this planet. Money laundering people.He loses his temper because he feels helpless.

A lonely boy has nobody around to even talk or listen to. He has to search every time for people. He feels helpless and loses his temper.

These happen on a daily basis. Because these are there every day around. It’s not about losing temper, its natural. But, its about conquering what triggers it. people struggle everyday to conquer the fear of being helpless. They are afraid because they don’t know if their efforts are going in the right direction.Keeping the good work and efforts in progress is what is required. This feeling of helplessness becomes a major reason to lose temper. One day, I hope, if people continue to keep their efforts up, they’ll equip themselves and won’t need any help.

Hence, everyone loses temper very often , so do i, but i look forward to keeping calm and take something productive out of the situation. Interested in temper control or spiritual matters in general? Check