Let us put the point across bluntly. If you have been thinking all your life that spirituality and religion are the same things with different words to express the same, then we are sorry you are wrong. Though it is very much true that spirituality and religion are similar to an extent and we sometimes even use them interchangeably, there are good numbers of differences that distinguish the two. So here we will look at some of the points that clearly help us understand the difference.

Spirituality is a broad concept:
Out of the two things that we are debating about today the broader concept is spirituality and not religion. Spirituality is a feeling that you have beyond the point of religion. This concept is often associated with an elevated status that the spiritual people get to enjoy when they untie themselves from the clichéd earthy beliefs and desires. They go a step further, and some people even believe that humanism can be the true form of spirituality. They are forward thinkers and are unaffected by a lot of things that people otherwise would worry about. They consider religion only as stuff that backs their belief in some way.

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So what is a religion?
Religion is a doctrine that you choose to follow. All religions have religious leaders both in the human race and divine race. Religion came into existence only to make sure that people live an orderly life. Of course, we are not here to debate the truth factor of the religions that we practice across the globe. Since that would draw in conflicts. But it is nothing more than the doctrine that we believe is true. Also, religions cannot be universal. For instance, one cannot pick a religion and call it the internationally accepted religion. But the case is different when it comes to spirituality as it is universal.

Not all spiritual people are religious and vice-versa!
We have already seen enough to help you understand that religion and spiritual feelings are different. This concept is an extended version of the same. People have to understand that not all spiritual people are religious. That is they need not have to spiritually based on the religion that they follow. That is why we say that they are different. Also just because a person is spiritual that doesn’t mean that the person has to religious. Like we already stated, spirituality is closely associated with humanism. So when humanism is on, religious feelings hardly penetrate. No matter what type of person you are, there is nothing today if it is good or bad. It is simply the type of life that you wish to lead and that has nothing to do with what type of a person you are!a