Communicating your loved ones in heaven is much easy than you think. You just need to focus and feel their presence around you. They are always with you like air and light at every step of your life. Life never ends after death. You can say that it’s a new journey which starts after death. When you speak to your loved ones, either literally or in thoughts they can hear you. Never forget that the conversation between you and your loved ones doesn’t starts  with psychic medium it starts with your believe and love for them.

The more you feel their presence around you, the more you’ll get connected with your loved ones. This might be possible that they’ve started sending their messages to you and you just need to understand what they’re trying to say. The only way to understand their messages is to believe in spirituality and focus. They can send you their messages through your thoughts, dreams or songs. They just hope that you’ll notice their signs and know that they’re trying to contact you and trying to tell you something.

If you have not getting these signs yet then it may be possible that they didn’t started sending you their messages and in that case you need to ask them out to send you their messages and contact you. Eventually, if you’ll believe in spirituality and life after death then they’ll come to you and try to communicate with you in different ways. Just crack those signs. Spirituality will help you a lot in this. You just need to believe.